atac Globe Awards Archives
1st Annual ATAC Globe Awards: 1990-1991
Production of a Musical Big River   Alamo City Theater
Forbidden Broadway  Alamo City Theater
Into the Woods   Into the Woods   Alamo City Theater
Little Shop of Horrors   Alamo City Theater
Sondheim in Concert Offstage, Inc 
Production of a Play Hello and Goodbye  24th Street Theater Experiment
Lone Star--Laundry and Bourbon  Alamo Street Church Theater
Real Women Have Curves  Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center
Rumors  Incarnate Word College
Two  24th Street Theater Experiment
Direction of a Musical Lauri Bartlett  Pump Boys and Dinettes
Vivienne Elborne   Oliver
Phillip George  Forbidden Broadway
J. Jay  Sondheim in Concert
Jerry Pollock  Into the Woods
Jerry Pollock  Little Shop of Horrors
Direction of a Play Brian Cobb   Lone Star--Laundry and Bourbon 
Ron Hammett  Cocktail Hour
Richard Jones   Rumors
Richard Jones   Woman in Mind
Richard Slocum Two Hello and Goodbye
Richard Slocum Two Two
  Susana Tubert   Real Women Have Curves  
Scene Design George Burnette  Twelth Night  
Steve Gilliam   Taming of the Shrew
Steve Gilliam   Into the Woods
Richard Jones   Woman in Mind
Roland Mazuca   Real Women Have Curves
Patricia Smith  Real Dreams
Lighting Design George Burnette   Twelth Night
Robin Crews   Into the Woods
Robin Crews   Big River
Jairus C. Durnette and Jennifer K. Rogers  Sondheim in Concert
Charlie Jarrell  Hello and Goodbye
Costume Design Erica Dyson and Barbara Moore  Forbidden Broadway
Josie Garza   Real Women Have Curves
Barbara Moore  Into the Woods
Barbara Moore  School for Scandal
Noel Noblitt and Rick Walsh  Ten November
Brenda Wentworth  Twelth Night
Original Script/Concept Sterling Houston  Kool Jams  
Sterling Houston  A Brief History of American Song
Marilyn Lanfear and Chuck Squier  Two Stories
Mark Lit  Refuseniks
Dennis Poplin  Why Do Frenchmen
Richard Slocum  The Monkey King
Original Score James Cobb  Cool James  
Keith Lancaster and Paul English  Refuseniks
Music Direction Joyce Brannon  Big River  
Darrin Dziergowski  Little Shop of Horrors
Matt Goodson  Forbidden Broadway
Debbie Mayes  Sondheim in Concert
Jeff Troxler  Into the Woods
Choreography Lauri Bartlett and Sidney Burnette  A Texas MeloCarol  
Phillip George  Forbidden Broadway
J. Jay Sondheim in Concert
Missy Miller   Into the Woods
Missy Miller   Little Shop of Horrors
Jackie Sparks  Oliver
Lead Actor in a Musical Steven Bull  Sondheim in Concert
Russell Fox  Big River
Russell Fox   Little Shop of Horrors
Phillip George   Forbidden Broadway
Allan Ross  Sondheim in Concert
Wade Young  Oliver
Lead Actress in a Musical Delma Cisneros   Forbidden Broadway
Deborah Dalton   Sondheim in Concert
Elaine Dannemiller   Forbidden Broadway
Elaine Dannemiller   Little Shop of Horrors
Andrea Sandifer   Sondheim in Concert
Bonnie Victor-Fried   Into the Woods
Supporting Actor in a Musical Kevin Murray   Big River  
Bill Swinney   My Fair Lady
R. C. Thor  Big River
Richard Warren  Into the Woods
Wade Young   Oklahoma
Supporting Actress in a Musical Elaine Dannemiller  Into the Woods
Corinna Davis   Big River
Marcie Merriell  Into the Woods
Becky Miller   Into the Woods
Tracy Phillips   Oklahoma
Lead Actor in a Play Roger Alvarez   Two
Roger Alvarez  Hello and Goodbye
David Bown  Rumors
Wayne Byall  Torch Song Trilogy
Mark Kauthan  School for Scandal
Stephen Rubalcaba  Monkey King
Lead Actress in a Play Mary Byall  Cocktail Hour
Karen Jones   Rumors
Ruby Nelda Perez  Real Women Have Curves
Mary Rhame  Woman in Mind
Pam Slocum   Hello and Goodbye
Supporting Actor in a Play Jonathan Gonzalez  The Monkey King  
Kevin McKoy Last Meeting of the Knights of the White Magnolia
Dan McLaughlin  Twelth Night
Kevin Murray   Twelth Night
James Roberts   Woman in Mind
Supporting Actress in a Play Sidney Burnette   Rumors
Mary Byall  Torch Song Triligy
Amy La Presto  Lone Star --Laundry and Bourbon
Melissa Marlowe  School for Scandal
Helen Merino  Angels Fall
Jasmina Wellinghoff Award Steve Bailey-Head of Jump-Start Performance Co, which helped the rebirth of the Blue Star area with innovative programming.