atac Globe Awards Archives
4th Annual ATAC Globe Awards: 1993-1994
Production of a Musical Ain't Misbehavin  Alamo City Theater
Annie  San Antonio Little Theater
Brigadoon  San Antonio Little Theater
Nunsense II   San Antonio Little Theater
Sweeney Todd  San Antonio Little Theater
Production of a Drama Dancing at Lughnasa  San Antonio College
Kaspar  Trinity University
Love Letters  San Antonio Little Theater
Of Mice and Men  Alamo City Theater
Someone Who'll Watch Over Me  ATSA-Offstage, Inc
Production of a Comedy Dearly Departed   Incarnate Word College
84 Charing Cross Road  San Antonio Little Theater
I'm Not Rappaport  Jewish Community Center
Lettuce and Lovage  San Antonio Little Theater
Twelth Night  Arts San Antonio
Direction of a Musical Vivienne Elborne   Annie
Vivienne Elborne   Nunsense II
Vivienne Elborne   Sweeney Todd
Greg Hinojosa   Godspell
Sterling Houston  Isis in Nubia
Jerry Pollock   Ain't Misbehavin'
Jerry Pollock   The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
Bruce Shirky and Joseph Libby  Truck Stop
Direction of a Drama Donna Aronson  Antigone
Robert Baker White  Kaspar
Jerry Pollock  Of Mice and Men
Jerry Pilato  Two by Tennessee
Allan S. Ross  Dancing at Lughnasa
Direction of a Comedy Richard Jones  Dearly Departed  
Joyce Lambrecht-Pat Wells  84 Charing Cross Road
Joyce Lambrecht-Pat Wells  Pvt Wars
Mark Lit  I'm Not Rappaport
Lanny Naegelin  Lettice and Lovage
John Rando  Twelth Night
Scene Design George Burnette  Fifth of July  
George Burnette   Roosters
Steve Giliam   The Winter's Tale
Karen Miller   Of Mice and Men
Margaret Mitchell   Antigone
David Yates   84 Charing Cross Road
David Yates   Lettice and Lovage
Lighting Design George Burnette  Fifth of July
Sterve Gilliam   Kaspar
Andrew Jenkins   Of Mice and Men
David Yates   Annie
Scott Zielinski  Twelth Night
Costume Design Daniel Di Siga   Twelth Night
Margaret Mitchell   Antigone
Margaret Mitchell   Roosters
Margaret Mitchell   Vital Signs
Barbara Moore   Brigadoon
Barbara Moore   Les Liasons Dangereuse
Tina Cantu Navarro   The Winter's Tale
Ruth Waddle   Lucifer's Child
Original Script/Concept Ron Conboy  When El Cucui Walks  
Sterling Houston   Isis in Nubia
James R. Murphy  Truck Stop 
Paul Bonin Rodriguez  The I Love Lunacy Show
Ric Slocum  A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings
Original Score Peter Carey   Antigone  
Deb Garris   The I Love Lunacy Show
Sterling Houston  Isis in Nubia
David Kolataze   Truck Stop
Music Direction Debbie Mays  Ain't Misbehavin'  
Brent Osner   Brigadoon
Brent Osner   Nunsense II
Mark Richter   Godspell
Clark Stevens  Twelth Night
Roger Underwood  The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
Choreography Lynnie & Florence Bunton  Truck Stop  
Abidah Cothman-El  Isis in Nubia
Missy Miller   Ain't Misbehavin'
Missy Miller   The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
Missy Miller 
Jackie Sparks Annie

Jackie Sparks Nunsense II

Jackie Sparks Sweeney Todd

Pat Wells Dancing at Lughnasa
Jackie Sparks   Annie
Jackie Sparks   Nunsense II
Jackie Sparks   Sweeney Todd
Pat Wells  Dancing at Lughnasa
Lead Actor in a Musical Stephen Bull   Brigadoon
Don Cass   The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
Bruce Moore   Godspell
R. C. Thor   Annie
Keith Wilson   Ain't Misbehavin'
Lead Actress in a Musical Shavone Conroy   The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
Karen Denise  Ain't Misbehavin'
Ashley Jepperson  Annie
Annella Keys   Sweeney Todd
Amy LaPresto  Nunsense II
Supporting Actor in a Musical Steve Garcia   Godspell  
DuWayne Greene   Sweeney Todd
Kevin Johnson   Sweeney Todd
Joseph Libby   Godspell
Stewart Scott   Annie
Supporting Actress in a Musical Corinne Breitbach  Nunsense II
Mary Maley Bull   Nunsense II
Mim Green   Annie
Annella Keys  Brigadoon
Kelly O'Brien   Annie
Lead Actor in a Drama David Bowen   Love Letters
Trent Moore   Kaspar
Kevin Murray   Of Mice and Men
John O'Neill   Someone Who'll Watch Over Me
Marion Sweatmon   Of Mice and Men
Lead Actress in a Drama Sallie Embs  Les Liasons Dangereuses
Anna Gangai  Dancing at Lughnasa
Laura Gray  Vital Signs
Amy LaPresto   Dancing at Lughnasa
Esther Magaloni   Roosters
Supporting Actor in a Drama Brian Cobb  Glengarry Glen Ross  
Jeff Hunt   Dancing at Lughnasa
Ricky Jordan  Two by Tennessee
Al Keller   Of Mice and Men
Allan S. Ross   Dancing at Lughnasa
Supporting Actress in a Drama Marianna Blase   Les Liasons Dangereuses
Laura Gray   Fifth of July
Terri Pena Ross   Dancing at Lughnasa
Kelly F. Shaw   Les Liasons Dangereuses
Jeannie Summers   Les Liasons Dangereuses
Lead Actor in a Comedy David Bowen  I'm Not Rappaport   
Don Cass   Lone Star  
Matthew Edwards   Twelth Night
Angus McGinty  Lone Star
Dan McLaughlin   Pvt Wars
Lead Actress in a Comedy Vivienne Elborne  Lettice and Lovage  
Kathy Feinstein  Plaza Suite
Karen Jones  Dearly Departed
Andi Maki-Erwin  Bullshot Crummond
Victoria Viola  Butterflies are Free
Supporting Actor in a Comedy William Eddy  Lettice and Lovage  
Philip Kazen   Twelth Night
Jaime Sanchez   Twelth Night
Rene Rivera   Twelth Night
Rob Wicall   The Foreigner
Supporting Actress in a Comedy Gertrude Baker  Twelth Night
Margaret Jones   Lettice and Lovage
Pam Slocum  Lettice and Lovage
Sally Utley Ware  A Bedfull of Foreigners
Lynn Zalcberg  I'm Not Rappaport
Jasmina Wellinghoff Award Jo Long-Carver Community Cultural Center