Judge Selection


  • ATAC encourages all to apply whom feel they meet the “Judge Qualifications” and can commit to the “Judging General Guidelines”.
  • Applicants must complete a judge application.

  • The ATAC Board will discuss and vote on the applicants.


  • Applicants must be full-time residents of Bexar County.

  • The application will request the following information from the applicant:

    • Formal education.

    • Summary of any theatre experience, training, and/or an attached theatre resume. Formal training is not required.

    • The production/location of the last 10 theatre productions the applicant has seen.

    • Category request.

    • When sending the email with attached resume, the applicant must give a brief summary of his/her interest in the category chosen, explaining why he/she would be fit for that category. A judge may request to qualify to judge in two categories, while understanding the requirement that they must judge 70% or more productions in each of those categories.

    • The applicant will agree that the information provided is accurate and accepting adherence to the “Judging General Guidelines” and “Code of Ethics for Adjudicators”.

  • Access to a computer and a personal e-mail account is required for consideration.